Common Terms


The middle pages of a stapled/stitched book being pushed out in the center. A final trim will correct the physical alignment of the paper. Special software is used to compensate for creep, moving the image of the pages toward the center to offset the amount the pages are pushed out.

Finished Size

The size of a printed piece after all trimming and folding is complete.


General term for trimming, folding, binding and generally, post press operations.

Flat Size

The size of printed piece after printing and trimming, but before folding. See Finished Size.

bindery cutter

Fold Marks

Marks which appear outside the trim area of a press sheet used to indicate the location of required folds.

Fold Outs

A sheet bound into a printed piece, typically tri-, roll- or gate-folded, that is used to add an extended page that folds out beyond the standard layout of the publication pages.


Each side of a signature.


Predominant direction of paper fiber alignment occurring as a result of manufacturing.


One side of one page of a finished brochure; for example, a tri-fold brochure has a total of six panels, not three.


A crease applied to paper along the line of a fold prior to folding so that the folded edge will be hard and clean, avoiding the potential for the paper to crack.


A single printed sheet folded once or multiple times, to become part of a book, magazine or other type of print publication.